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Selected Publications

The Glasgow Grin book cover

The Glasgow Grin

The Stanton brothers find themselves on the run and in the sights of Teesside crime boss Bob Owden.

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The Hunters book cover

The Hunters

The Stanton brothers steal a small fortune for the embittered ex-wife of a used-car mogul, but the job goes very wrong.

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After several months of work and a couple of setbacks, my new website is now live. Expect more books reviews and other good stuff. And if you want to know about my latest releases first, please sign up to my newsletter. Subscribers will even get their hands on free and exclusive short stories.


This month sees the release of the best Stanton brothers' novel yet, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Billingham Forum, which introduces some great new characters and brings back a few old faves.