About your humble narrator

You can skip all this stuff if you want. It's not that important. You enjoy reading my books, you like the Stanton brothers. This is all that matters. Who I am is not that important. However, if you really want to know some random stuff about about my life then here goes...

I like beers
A glass and a bottle of Duchesse de Borgoyne beer

This stuff. The 'Duchess' is a sour old lady, but I love her.

I like films
Charles Bronson and Henry Fonda in Once Upon A Time in the West

This film. Despite its flaws, Once Upon A Time in the West is a masterpiece.

I like travel
Cruising on the river Spree in Berlin

This city. Berlin is a wonderful place. If you get the chance you should visit.

I like books
The author Raymond Chandler smoking a pipe

This fella. Miserable he may have been, but Raymond Chandler was a superb writer.

I was born here
The Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough, Teesside

This picturesque structure is the Transporter Bridge. One of only ten in the world.

A proud Indie writer
A love heart containing the words indie and proud

Contrary to popular opinion, Indie writing isn't all Mommy Porn and poor prose.

I live here
View from Greenwich Park in London

I don't literally live here (that would be stupid). No, I live somewhere down that hill!

I love writing
My laptop on a table in Spain, being used to write the Glasgow Grin

Although sometimes I hate it. Usually when things go wrong and progress is slow paced.